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Bonus and Rewards Corner at Hukum Ka Ikka

Hukum Ka Ikka doesn’t work as only a game station; it is a full platter with the proper guide, tips, exciting bonus and coupon offers, and another level of success opportunity for the newcomers and the existing users. ​

Signup Cash reward

There is a tempting offer for newcomers to the Hukum ka Ikka application: Signup Cash reward for new users. ₹10 will be credited in deposit wallet to the newcomer’s account.

KYC Cash reward  

Complete your KYC and get ₹10 in deposit wallet.

No GST Coupon   

There is one more exciting offer for the users of the Hukum Ka Ikka application – on applying the NO GST coupon when adding money to a deposit, 28% GST will be deducted from the deposit money, and  rest after the deduction will be added to the user’s account. 

*Deducted GST (28%) will be added to the Bonus after every deposit transaction (only if a GST coupon is applied during transaction)

Referral Bonus 

When one user sends an invitation to use Hukum Ka Ikka to a newcomer,. After using the unique referral code, the newcomer can earn a ₹10 bonus. Even the existing user will also get the same amount of ₹10 bonus. 


On applying the HUKUMKAIKKA10 coupon, a user can earn ₹10 bonus amount in the account. But it will be only applicable on recharges of ₹10.

HUKUMKAIKKA100 coupon 

During money depositing of ₹100 or above, one player can get a 10% coupon cashback bonus after applying the HUKUMKAIKKA100 coupon.

*During the transaction, the user has to apply the HUKUMKAIKKA100 coupon to get the bonus offer.

Daily Attendance Bonus

If a player is present for one whole week on a regular basis, they will get ₹20 bonus amount.

If a player is present for one whole month regularly, ₹500 bonus amount will be credited to their account.

If a player is absent for once in a week, they will not be eligible for a weekly bonus for that particular week. They will also miss the chance to earn the bonus amount. This individual player also misses the opportunity to earn the monthly bonus amount for the whole month.

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