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Points Rummy

​Rummy isn’t always a long, time-consuming game. If you’re short on time but looking for a thrill, points rummy is the game for you.

What is Points Rummy?

Points rummy, one of the quickest rummy variants, has become popular in recent years. Anyone who is looking for a quick game can prefer points rummy over any other game due to their busy schedules and short attention spans.

The Rules of Points Rummy

With one important exception, the rules of points rummy are very similar to those of 13-card rummy. Let’s go over all the rules in detail.

Points rummy is a card game played by two to six people using one or more decks of cards.

  • The deck is thoroughly shuffled, and each player dealt with 13 cards.

  • The remaining cards are arranged in a pile on the table (known as a stockpile). 

  • The first card in this pile is turned face up (forming the open deck), and the remaining cards are turned face down (this forms the closed deck).

  • The players try to form two melds, which can be two pure sequences, one pure sequence and one impure sequence, or one pure sequence and one set.

  • Players take turns selecting a card from the open or closed deck and discarding one of their hand card to the open deck.

  • The players who complete the above objective first can request a show (often by saying the word ‘rummy’). At this point, the game is paused and the sequences and sets are validated. If the player is found to be correct, he or she is declared the winner, with zero point.

  • The other players are given point based on the cards they have in their hands. Each card is worth the following points:

  • 10 points for an ace.

  • 10 points each for the King, Queen, and Jack.

  • 0 points for the Joker.

  • Numerical cards have the same number of points as face value.

Drop Option

  • Dropping on the first turn results in a 20-Point penalty.

  • Dropping on any subsequent turn results in a 40-Point penalty.

  • A wrong declaration or three consecutive misses by the same player results in an 80-point penalty and the player is automatically removed from the game.

What makes Points Rummy Different?

  • The difference between Points rummy and other forms of rummy is that each player commits a cash amount to enter the game (also known as the value the players bring to the table). The game Point has a predetermined rupee value. There is only one round of gameplay, and the winner receives all the money committed by all the players. 

  • Another distinction is the length of time required to complete the game. In most cases, only one complete game is required to determine a winner in Points rummy.

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