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Passion, Practice, and Patience: 3Ps of HKI Online Rummy

Rummy is not only a game, it’s a thorough journey of the combination of the most important 3Ps. These 3Ps (Passion, Practice, and Patience) contribute a lot to beginners becoming the Rummy master. In the Rummy world, the 3Ps – Passion, Practice, and Patience – are the pillars that uphold success.

P1: Passion

Passion is a willing power that forces a person to do anything or achieve anything. Passion is needed in every profession to make something successful. Regarding online Rummy, passion is one of the most important elements to enjoy the tricky game. Being passionate is necessary for a player to win a single match of online Rummy.

1.Continuous Learning from every single match

A passionate Rummy player plays online Rummy not only to win the matches, they use it to have fun, gain new tricks to enjoy, learn new strategies, and many more. Only passionate rummy gamers can continue the process of learning from every gameplay. They always try to explore some new variants of Rummy and new tricks for being rummy experts.

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2. Having Fun

Only the passionate Rummy gamers can have fun even after losing any gameplay. Because they don’t play only to win a match or earn money, they love the game. For that, they always find a new way to enjoy the game. Every time, the passion and the love for their game motivates them to play matches again.

3. Passion for Improvement

The passionate Rummy gamers always put this much effort just to improve their skill after every single gameplay. They also follow the experienced gamers’ styles just to improve their gaming style.

P2: Practice

For being an amazing player, being passionate is important but without practice, a passionate player can also fail to be an expert Rummy player. Rummy is a classic card game of passion and practice. This game needs the love for the game and also the dedicated time and more and more match practice to become the Rummy master.

1.Regular Gameplay

If someone wants to be a Rummy expert player, they must dedicate some particular time in a day regularly. Regular gameplay practices are the foundation of a Rummy master.

2.Strategy Development

Practices involve more than just getting chances of matches winning. It helps players a lot to explore new strategies and develop the gameplay. A fine strategy portrays an intelligent brain.

3.Learning from Mistakes

We all say mistakes are our biggest teachers. Only a true practitioner makes the most mistakes. Therefore, only a practicing person can seize the opportunity to learn more from making mistakes themselves.


Rummy, the most lovable game, requires a high level of patience. With less amount of patience, a player cannot maintain the winning rate or achieve the goal. We all know that having patience is the sign of getting better opportunities in the future and it is clear that having less patience is not the sign of becoming a Rummy master.  

1.Observe and Learn

For becoming a Rummy expert player, the first and the most important requirement is good observation. Only an observer does have the desire to learn and adapt something new from the other rummy experts.

2.Survive a Long Game

Sometimes some game players continue for a long time. Only the players with a high patience level, have the power to survive in that kind of situation and end the game with a big smile on their face.

3.Wait for The Right Move

Online Rummy players always have some faith in their strategy and wait with positive patience for the time to get the right card to make pure and impure sequences. No rush is also the secret tip to win the gameplay of Rummy.

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