Hukum Ka Ikka

Earn Money on Hukum Ka Ikka While You Are Sleeping

Hukum Ka Ikka stands out as a premier online gaming application and is highly regarded for its exceptional features. This multi-gaming application is renowned as a leading platform for earning money through multiple skill-based games including Rummy, Ludo, and Snakes & Ladders. Hukum Ka Ikka allows users to win real cash rewards simply by enjoying online skill games during their free time on this online gaming app. Although it offers the opportunity to earn unlimited real cash just by referring the app to others.   

What is the Passive Income (Refer Process)?

  • Share the link with the referral code with your friends and family through any messaging platform or social media platform.
  • Players have to invite them to play skill-based games on HukumKaIkka
  • After registering by using your referral code, every newcomer can earn ₹10 bonus amount.
  • As a referrer, you will also get ₹10 referral bonus after every single signup by using your referral code.

Refer & Earn Levels

In the Hukum Ka Ikka multi-gaming application, players can earn a certain amount of percentage after every referral. Last but not the least, the referrer will earn a certain percentage of commission after every single cash gameplay according to their referring levels. 

  1. Bronze Level: Up to 199 referring, referrers can earn the Bronze level with the 1.0% commission of the gameplay. 
  2. Silver Level: From 200 up to 299 referring, referrers can earn the Silver level with the 1.2% commission of every cash gameplay.
  3. Gold Level: From 300 up to 499 referring, referrers can earn the Gold level with the 1.5% commission of every cash gameplay.
  4. Platinum Level: Above 500+ referring, referrers can earn the Platinum level. With the Platinum level, players can earn 2.0% commission on the gameplay after playing every cash gameplay of referees.

Current Player (Referees) Chart

In the refer & earn section, referrers get a chart where they can see the details including mobile number, player’s level, and the total gameplays of the referees serially.


Sr. NoMobileLevelGames Played

User Chart

In the section of refer and earn, there is also a chart that shows the updated numbers of the referees’ total games, the referrer’s today’s earnings by the referees’ cash gameplays, and the referrer’s total earnings accordingly.

Example: A referrer has 4 referees in the Hukum Ka Ikka application. Today the 4 referees played 5, 4, 1, and 8 cash games respectively. The total games of referees will be the sum of the number of individuals’ total cash gameplays. According to the referring level, the referrer will get a certain percentage of every amount of cash gameplay of referees. The total earnings of the referrer will be updated regularly according to the performance of the referees. These numbers in the user chart will be updated regularly based on the performance.

Referee’s Total GamesReferrer’s Today’s EarningReferrer’s Total Earning

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