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Face Card Use Strategies in HKI Rummy

Unlock the Secrets of Kings, Queens, and Jacks in Online Rummy! Have you always rushed to get rid of these high-value cards? It’s time to reconsider! Ask yourself, has dropping these cards quickly really made you win more?Let’s explore how these face cards can actually be game-changers in your next online rummy match.

“Playing a King or a Queen is not about the card, but how you play it in the grand scheme of the game.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

History shows that the fall of a King or Queen often leads to the collapse of their kingdom. In a similar way, if you quickly discard face cards early in the game, you could lose the chance to form valuable sequences or sets. Let’s explore deeper into the importance of face cards in Indian rummy before discussing how to best utilize them.

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What are Face cards ?

In a standard deck of 52 cards, there are four suits, each with 13 cards. These include an ace (A), numbered cards from 2 to 10, and three face cards: the King, Queen, and Jack. In rummy, each face card is valued at 10 points, making them, along with aces, high-value cards.

Use Face Cards Effectively in Rummy

Even though face cards are high in value, they can be very useful in online rummy games. 

Here are some easy tips for using them:

  • Hold Onto Them Initially: While the goal in rummy is to lower your score, don’t rush to discard your face cards. Wait for a few turns before doing so. You might get a card that pairs well with your face cards. For instance, if you have a King and a Jack of hearts, getting a Queen of hearts or a joker can help you to form a sequence.
  • Pair with Aces: Aces, which are also high-value, can form sequences with face cards. For example, an Ace of clubs can go with the King, Queen, and Jack of clubs.
  • Form Pure Sequences: You can make pure sequences by combining face cards with cards like 8s, 9s, and 10s. A sequence of 9-10-Jack-Queen of diamonds is a good example.
  • Create Sets with Face Cards: Sets are groups of the same card in different suits. You can make sets using face cards, like three Kings of different suits.

Remember, every card in Indian rummy, be it a number card or a face card, is important. To get better, understand how each card works and keep practicing.

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