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The Words of Winner About Hukum Ka Ikka

Updated: Jan 29

Name: Ankit Kumar

Place: Banaras

Winning Amount: 7000 INR

Duration: 1 week approximately

  • Strategy: Understanding the Rummy rules properly, Rummy is a relatively easy game. The tricks and techniques are essential to win any gameplay of Rummy. In POINT Rummy, a player has to maintain the least points to win. A player needs to have a basic knowledge

  • Future Plan: Ankit wants to continue playing the Rummy in the Hukum Ka Ikka application but avoid any kind of financial risk.

  • The uniqueness of HKI: The Hukum Ka Ikka application is a very easy-to-understand platform for online Rummy players. The unique graphics of this online Rummy application attract players' attention easily. Therefore, there is no long or time-consuming process or any fraud in the cash transaction. The winning amount is credited instantly to the winner’s account after winning. 

  • Advice for players: If any player loses the matches one after another, they should take a break and leave the game for some time at least. After refreshing the brain, they can restart playing again. A short break is so important for the brain to play properly and make the day of its own. Because Rummy is a game for entertainment and removing regular stress not only for earning money.

Happy Gaming with Hukum Ka Ikka!!

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