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Women are engaging in online real money games just as frequently as men

Many people think that men are the main players in mobile gaming because they usually buy more games. However, new research shows surprising findings that go against this belief. The studies show that men and women have different habits in how much time and money they spend on online games. This research looks at a wide range of games, including racing games like Asphalt, shooting and strategy games like Call of Duty, and skill games like rummy.

Breaking Down Myths in Mobile Gaming

Research from Flurry, a mobile analytics company, shows a shift in the mobile gaming market, which was once thought to be mostly male-dominated. Their findings reveal that women are actually more engaged in mobile games than men. They not only spend more time playing but also invest more in-game purchases, based on data from 1.1 million users across various popular games. Women also show better commitment to these games, with higher 7-day retention rates compared to men.

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Changing Trends in India’s Mobile Gaming

A study by YouGov, a market research firm, highlights how Indian women are actively involved in mobile gaming. About half of the female mobile gamers also spend real money on these games. Contrary to the traditional view that mostly men invest in gaming, this report shows that both men and women enjoy playing for real money online. There’s little difference in the time spent by either gender on gaming, but more women play these games weekly.

When it comes to financial investment in games, women, like men, are spending real money. However, the key difference lies in the amount spent: women tend to spend smaller amounts monthly, while men often spend more.

Why More Women Are Becoming Gamers

A recent study by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) shows that women are quickly becoming a larger part of the gaming community, almost outnumbering men. This increase in female gamers can be linked to several reasons. One major factor is the advancement of mobile technology. As the use of smartphones and tablets grows, more women are playing games on these devices.

Another reason is the shift from traditional gaming consoles to platforms that offer not just games but also streaming of movies, music, and games. This change makes gaming more accessible to a wider audience, especially women. Research by Nielsen indicates that women stream more videos than men, suggesting they might also be more inclined to play video games.


From the beginning, women have always excelled in their roles with grace and efficiency. As times change, they are embracing more challenging roles and breaking societal boundaries. It’s not just men who have shaped the gaming world; women are equally capable and are proving their strength in their favorite games.

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