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Guide to Play Snakes & Ladders in Hukum Ka Ikka

Snakes and Ladders is a classic board game that is loved and enjoyed by all age groups. In that technologically advanced era, Hukum Ka Ikka is an outstanding multi-gaming platform that is presenting board games adding more new features but only for adult gamers. This platform offers an interesting chance for passionate gamers to earn unlimited real cash prizes just by playing online fun games like Snake and Ladder game in their leisure time.

Step 1: Download Hukum Ka Ikka

To get started playing and have the utmost fun of the Snakes and Ladders game, just download the online multi-gaming application Hukum Ka Ikka from the Play Store, App Store, or online website.

Step 2: HKI Sign Up for Free

In the Hukum Ka Ikka online multi-gaming application, sign-up for the players is free of cost. Other than that, HKI welcomes all gaming enthusiasts with a sign-up bonus of ₹20. Hukum Ka Ikka entertains players to enjoy online games and earn the most real money or rewards. To sign up in Hukum Ka Ikka successfully, there are some steps to be followed:

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During sign-up, players will receive a message confirming their age is above 18. Once that’s done, just enter the mobile number and click ‘submit’. Then they will get an OTP in their inbox. After entering the OTP, make sure to set a strong password to keep the gaming account secure.

Step 3: KYC and Bank Account Verification

Hukum Ka Ikka first prioritizes the safety of the players. For that, HKI demands the KYC verification of all gaming accounts. To verify the KYC, players have to upload a photo of their original PAN card which will be not more than 2 MB, and put the AADHAAR card number. After entering the AADHAAR card number, players will get an OTP to their linked mobile number. This process of verification is very helpful to prevent any kind of fraud or cheating.

These two verifications are also mandatory to transfer the winning amount to the player’s bank account.

Step 4: Explore the Variants of Online Snakes & Ladders

There are also some interesting variants in Snake and Ladder games like the other available online games in the Hukum Ka Ikka application. The 3 amazing variants of the Snakes and Ladders game are: 

  1. Classic Snakes and Ladders
  2. Rapid Snakes and Ladders
  3. Score Based Snakes and Ladders

Step 5: Experiment with the Free Gameplay

Hukum Ka Ikka provides players with an excellent opportunity to develop their skills through free matches. Before engaging in the Snake and Ladder board game, players are advised to dedicate a little time to practicing with the free gameplay option where the entry fee is 0. This serves as a beneficial method to familiarize oneself with the rules of online cash games. It can help to make strategies fast that will increase the winning rate of the player.

Now, there is no need for Snake and Ladder games downloaded individually. Just download the Hukum Ka Ikka online application to your Android or iOS and taste the original fun of the Snake and Ladder board game with other interesting board and card games like Ludo and Rummy.

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