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Rules of Playing Online Ludo in HKI

Ludo is a classic board game that carries the tradition of gaming. Hukum Ka Ikka, the ultimate gaming platform gives an amazing experience to explore this traditional board game in online mode anytime anywhere. Hukum Ka Ikka reshapes the gaming world with another level of gaming quality, accessibility, fair play, safety and security, and unlimited bonuses and coupons. HKI helps people to stay connected with family and friends. This online multi-gaming platform is not only for having fun, but also for online money-earning games like Ludo, Rummy, and Snakes & Ladders for adults. 

To play Ludo like an expert and earn unlimited real cash prizes, there are some basic rules of Ludo playing in Hukum Ka Ikka need to follow:

Number of Players in Online Ludo

For playing online Ludo games, a minimum of 2 players are needed. In the Hukum Ka Ikka application, the maximum number of players joining the same board is 4.

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Moving Tokens to Win

To play Ludo online players have to roll dice to move their tokens forward. As an example, a player gets 5 points by rolling dice and can move the token 5 steps forward.

Noticing the Movements of  Opponents’ Tokens

A good player does not only focus on their own tokens but has to keep noticing the opponents’ steps too. It helps to save the tokens and make a stronger strategy. 

Attacking Opponents’ Tokens

A player can not be the winner of a Ludo game just by keeping their tokens safe. Players need to attack the opponents’ tokens too. Because it gives an extra chance to the attacker and the path will be cleared also to keep forward the tokens.

Safe Zone: Star on Board

After opening a token from the starting box, it can only stay safe from the opponents’ attacks on the star marks of the path or in the opponents’ starting boxes.

Triple 6 Rule of Ludo Gaming

After having the single six, players get another chance to roll the dice. The sum of two chances will be added. After having the double six, players get another chance to roll the dice. After the consecutive triple six, the last six will not be counted.

Finishing Point: The Home

In the Ludo game, reaching the finishing point or the home is the end of the journey of a token. After sending a token from the home, players get an extra chance to roll the dice.

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