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Snakes & Ladders in HKI: Rules for Playing

Snakes and Ladders is a beloved traditional board game that is enjoyed by individuals of all generations worldwide. The game’s simplicity allows players of any age to participate, making it a preferred option for family gatherings, educational settings, and casual social occasions. The combination of luck and strategy, along with the thrill of ascending ladders and avoiding snakes, contributes to its lasting appeal. With the entertainment feature, the Snakes and Ladders game presents valuable learning opportunities, imparting important lessons about the consequences of choices and the unpredictable nature of life’s journey. Its enduring popularity is a testament to its timeless allure and its ability to unite people in moments of shared happiness and laughter.

In this blog, we will elaborate the important rules of playing online Snakes & Ladders game on this multi-gaming application Hukum Ka Ikka. 

Number of Players in Online Snakes & Ladders 

The game is played with 2-4 participants, and each participant has to play with tokens by rolling the dice.

Moving the Tokens to Win

There are different rules to play the different variants of online Snakes & Ladders in the Hukum Ka Ikka application. But in all variants, players have to move the tokens from the starting point to the home position by rolling the dice. But the motive is to move the tokens forward to the home by saving the tokens from the snakes’ attack.

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Following the Opponent’s Movements

To win any kind of skill game, a player has to keep an eye on the opponents’ movements. It helps a lot to strategies a game easily. 

Attacking Opponents’ Tokens

Players usually attack the opponents’ tokens not only to have extra moves or extra points but also to move forward easily. In the Hukum Ka Ikka application, players get an extra move opportunity for attacking opponents’ tokens.

Extra Turn on Rolling a 6

If a player rolls a dice value of ‘6’, they will be granted an additional turn to roll.

Triple 6 Rule of Snakes & Ladders

In this board game of Hukum Ka Ikka, the rule is the same as the other board game Ludo. Players will receive an additional opportunity to roll the dice after obtaining a single six. The total of both attempts will be combined. If a double six is achieved, players will be granted another roll. However, in the case of consecutive triple sixes, the final six will not contribute to the total.

Turns & Timer 

Each player is given a total particular number of turns depending on gaming variants. Players are allowed to skip their turn up to 4 times throughout the game. Furthermore, each player is given a turn timer of 25 seconds per user.

Finishing Point: The Home

The main motive to win a Snake & Ladder game is to send the tokens to the home or the finishing point from the starting box. 

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